We welcome responsible dog owners and all areas of the hotel are pet friendly with the exception of the restaurant. At mealtimes we are happy to serve your meals in our lounge bar if you want your furry friend to be with you and this is no inconvenience to us. If you are happy, and the dog is happy, then we do allow dogs to be left in your room at mealtimes however if you leave the hotel for any reason you must take your dog with you.

Please note some rooms are not suitable for larger dogs so please do not hesitate to call us if you have any queries.

The Downs, Babbacombe is bordered by grass and countryside. Situated adjacent to The Downs itself and Oddicombe Woods with Walls Hill and the South West coast path either end there is no shortage of open spaces to exercise your dog. If they fancy a quick dip the Cliff Railway and Babbacombe beach are dog friendly all year round. Oddicombe beach is Dog friendly during the winter and holds some fantastic Dog Day Afternoons at either end of the season.

Over half of our beaches remain dog friendly all year round.  Please follow this link to find a list of our pet friendly beaches.

Most of the pubs and hostelries in and around Babbacombe are dog friendly and dogs are allowed on the buses and ferries. Most of the taxis allow dogs and if you let the controller know when you book they will make sure they send a suitable cab.

We can provide water bowls and towels and cold storage for fresh food if required.

Whilst the majority of our pet guests are dogs we have also welcomed cats, a cockatoo and even an owl!