Geoparks are protected areas across the world that have unique or highly diverse areas of geological heritage. These are protected by law so they will always remain for the education and enjoyment of generations to come.

There are 32 Geosites on the English Riviera with almost half of them within walking distance of The Downs, and the rest within a 40 minute drive or short boat trip. Two of the Geosites - Babbacombe Cliffs and Oddicombe - are directly in front of us.  Use the following link for more information.

If you want to explore the coastal Geosites from the sea then there is a wide selection of pleasure cruises to choose from or if you want to get right up close to the geology then why not do it by kayak or the exhilarating coasteering.  See our Out on the Water section, under Leisure for more details.